The 2024 Granfalloon has concluded, and you can see the wrap-up here! Until the next one, keep on being kind to one another!

Granfalloon 2024 Musical Acts


June 8 @ Kirkwood Ave

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The Linda Lindas

June 8 @ Kirkwood Ave 

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Young@Heart Chorus

June 7 @ Buskirk-Chumley Theater

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My Son the Hurricane

June 8 @ Kirkwood Ave

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Anna Butterss & Ben Lumsdaine

June 7 @ Orbit Room

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Amy O

June 8 @ Courthouse Square

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Girls Rock Bloomington

June 8 @ Courthouse Square

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Cosmic Songwriter

June 5 @ Orbit Room

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IU Musical Theatre

June 5 & 7 @ Bishop Bar

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Kaia Kater

June 8 @ Courthouse Square

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IU Libraries Granfalloon Resources

Granfalloon Collaborative Research Guide

Our friends at IU Libraries started the Granfalloon research guide back in 2022 and have kept it going since. The curated guide will introduce you to Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., his novels, plays, collaborative works, and other creative output, as well as a selection of critical examinations of his life and work. The guide also celebrates works inspired by Vonnegut, his connections to the state of Indiana and beyond, as well as exploring the highlighted themes of each year's annual convergence. Particular emphasis has been placed on resources held by the Indiana University Bloomington Libraries.

Link to Research Guide

Online Film Screening

Browse 18 vintage films from the Moving Image Archive. Jailbird, Vonnegut's 1979 novel which explores themes of censorship, political corruption, incarceration, labor, capitalism, and aging (amongst others), is the inspiration for the 2024 Granfalloon Festival in Bloomington, Indiana. Presented by the IU Arts and Humanities Council and inspired by legendary Hoosier author Kurt Vonnegut Jr., Granfalloon brings together musicians, artists, thinkers, and good people from all walks of life for a celebration of art, ideas, and community.  IU Libraries is proud to be a sponsor of the 2024 Granfalloon convergence. 

This collection of digitized archival films is offered by Indiana University Libraries Moving Image Archive to amplify and contextualize some of the themes found in Jailbird. 

Link to Collection

Kurt Vonnegut Jr. receives an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from Indiana University, 1973.